Selling your home in the summertime!!
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Most People believe that spring is the best time to sell your house;  But lets not cut summer out completely.  Beautiful weather gets buyers out shopping.  Most will tell you that spring and fall are the ample times of the year to sell your home. However summer provides more opportunities  to parents with children in school find  and buying a home in the summer months. The most convenient times between when school starts and when school ends.

Here are some tips and tricks to selling your home in the summer:

Curb appeal and your lawn:   Grass grows faster in the summer and curb appeal is important to house hunters.  Keep your lawn looking fresh and clean throughout the summer. Keep your outdoor plants watered and looking fresh.  Most buyers will linger outside in the summer and want to be looking for comfortable outdoor space.

Keep the light in: Get lighter drapes, bring in as much natural light as possible.  Heavy drapes will make rooms look smaller.  Natural lighting will make the rooms look larger and more spacious.

Control your air temperature: No one likes walking into a hot stuffy house.  Keep your air at a reasonable temperature that your potential buyers are comfortable walking through your home.  If they are hot and stuffy they will want to get in and out in a hurry and won’t take the time to really see the finer points of the home.

Keep the clutter at bay: Summertime is when the kids are home from school.  Keep your home clutter free, you don’t want to be able to tell that the kids are home.






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